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Bob Jones (Chair)

Dan Awalt

Steve Gushwa

Lindell Orr

Jeff Ranke

CCEPOA possesses one of the most effective safety and security programs in Manatee County.  We do not hire outside sources to help us eradicate crime; our homeowners are fully committed to maintain an aggressive security posture in our community.  The Security Committee Chair acts in close liaison with the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.  Ongoing security briefings by a specialist from the Sheriff's Office have led to our Neighborhood Watch program and the implementation of several physical security measures.

We encourage our neighbors to report any security incident to the Board of Directors any member of the security team immediately. Crime in progress and any other emergency should first be reported to 911.

CCE recently instituted one of the most effective and time sensitive methods of communication in our community.  We now have the capability of informing "ALL" homeowners whenever an emergency situation arises in CCE.  One Call is an automated phone system that places a call to every resident alerting them to an emergency or serious situation affecting the neighborhood.  Please contact Bob Jones and provide your family phone number(s) which will be entered into the system.  Alerts that are not time sensitive are made via the Hotline email distribution.


We insure that our streetlights are fully operational and encourage our homeowners to call Florida Power & Light at 917-0708 whenever they observe a streetlight that is not working properly.  You may also use the Streetlights tab (at the left of this page) or this link to report dead, flickering or damaged streetlights.

Gaining access to the entrance gate

Remote / clicker : New clickers were provided to each property owner when the entrance gate opener electronics were replaced with an advanced system.  New owners should have received a gate remote opener (clicker) from the seller when you bought your home. Additional clickers are available for $24 from the Chair of our Security Committee, Bob Jones. Each clicker is uniquely serialized and can be deactivated (when lost or stolen) without affecting any other clicker.

Guests : Guests should use the callbox to call the home they are visiting. When a resident is called by gate callbox they should identify the caller then press "6" on their home phone keypad within 15 seconds. The gate will open upon receipt of the "6" if it is received within 15 seconds of the start of the call. If you want to be added to the access list at the gate callbox please contact the Chair of our Security Committee, Bob Jones.

Cell Phones : Residents and their immediate family members may use the callbox to call their own cell phones. Enter your code at the gate callbox, answer your cell phone and then press "6" on the keypad within 15 seconds. The gate will open upon receipt of the "6" if it is received within 15 seconds of the start of the call. The operation is identical to the Guest feature in the previous paragraph except the code calls your cell instead of your landline.

Proximity Card : Vendors or commercial services that frequently require access to the community may contact Luis for a proximity card that will open the gate and record the time/date of their entrances. Prox cards are available for sale to commercial vendors and those personnel who provide lawn and pool maintenance / services to homeowners ($5 each).  The prox card is also ideal for bikers, joggers, children and pedestrians who are residents of CCE ($4 each).  The cost is refundable when the Prox card is returned in good working condition.  Each Prox card has a unique RFID code so it can be deactivated if it is ever lost or stolen.

Party Code : Anyone may request a Party Code which can be freely distributed to guests attending a party other event at your home.  By design the Party Code is perishable. It is only operable for a brief period, typically the duration of the event plus a small margin.  When the Party Code expires it will no longer open the gate and it will be retired from the system (not reused). Please contact Bob Jones a minimum of one week prior to the event.

Family Code : Family Codes were discontinued on February 1, 2015 because of widespread abuse and dissemination of the codes.

Using the exit gate

Simply approach the exit gate and wait for it to completely open - then exit the community.  Normally this process goes according to plan except in rare instances when the gate is in the closing cycle from the car ahead.  If the timing is just right (or just wrong depending on your perspective) the gate will continue to close even when you drive over the sensor under the road.  If the gate does close in front of you it will not open until the sensor is activated again.  If there is a vehicle coming up behind you it will open the gate as it passes over the sensor.  If there is no vehicle behind you then you must back up over the sensor to trigger the opening cycle.  NOTE: this only applies to the exit gate and not the entrance gate.

With the aforementioned accomplishments, coupled with the upgrade of our Programmable Telephone Entry and Access Control Systems, at 8th Ave. Drive and 9th Ave. Cir. NE, we have partially attained our Goals and Objectives of this important function - Safety and Security.


updated: April 01, 2017

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