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May 2017

Dear Neighbors,

The annual meeting of the Cypress Creek Estates Property Owners Association will take place on Tuesday, June 20th at 7 PM in the Stoneybrook Clubhouse located at 8000 Stone Harbour Loop in Heritage Harbour (same location as last year).  The financial materials, proxy and ballot will be mailed to you prior to the meeting.  This year we will be electing two seats on the board of directors and well as for the carryover of funds which would otherwise be subject to taxation.  There are no amendments or other items scheduled for a vote.

Board members are elected to a two year term which is staggered with the other board members to ensure continuity from year to year.  The board meets once every two months.  If you would like to volunteer as a candidate please contact any board member so that your name can be included on the ballot. Write-ins are welcome.

Please return your proxy as soon as possible. If you attend the meeting in person the proxy will be returned to you when you sign in. The reason for early collection is to establish a quorum and to gather votes for the carryover as a minimum.  You may recall that an amendment on discretionary spending by the board of directors was put to a vote last year.  The measure failed to pass even though there were only two votes against it.  It failed because there were not enough affirmative votes to meet the required percentage of owners.  A full slate of proxy ballots would have ensured passage of the measure.

A few notes about the past and future …

The slurry topping of our roads was completed after many delays from weather and equipment failure.  Just when we thought the end was in sight a new challenge popped up and delayed the process months longer than anticipated.  At the very end of the process the roadway began to collapse over the bridge. The bridge repair in the northeast cul de sac has been completed.  The root cause of the erosion was finally addressed after many failed repair attempts over the years.  Unfortunately our roads are now 32 years old and not in the best repair. The slurry sticks to blacktop but it will not stick to loose rock, shell or gravel.  The topping has extended the useful life of the road by a few years but in reality we will be repaving the roads sooner than later.  The board established a reserve fund for infrastructure maintenance but the accumulated funds may fall short of the full cost of paving (another reason to vote FOR the carryover).

We have a new landscaping company maintaining the common grounds.  The new plantings at the entrance and median are already rebounding.  The lighting package is fully functional again and new mulch will be arriving shortly.

Every year we solicit volunteers to serve on the various committees that support the community.  Sign-up sheets will be at the annual meeting.  Current committees include:  Architectural Review Board, Beautification, By-Laws, Neighborhood Crime Watch, Social Events, Security and Web Site.  New committees may be formed as desired.

Hope to see you all next month!


Steve Gushwa

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