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CCEPOA Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Cypress Creek Estates Property Owners Association will take place on Tuesday, June 20th at 7 PM in the Stoneybrook Clubhouse located at 8000 Stone Harbour Loop in Heritage Harbour (same location as last year). The financial materials, proxy and ballot will be mailed to you prior to the meeting. This year we will be electing two seats on the board of directors and well as for the carryover of funds which would otherwise be subject to taxation. There are no amendments or other items scheduled for a vote.

President's Letter

A new President's Letter has been posted to the President's page. Just click on the link above to read the new letter and for archived copies of past President's Letters.

Collections/Delinquent Accounts Policy

Invoices will be mailed monthly for accounts with outstanding balances.

Balances outstanding after 60 days will result in a mailed invoice with warning of $50 late payment penalty to be levied if entire, cumulative amount due is not paid by 90 days.

Balances outstanding after 90 days will incur a $50 late payment penalty. At this time, and henceforth, the entire cumulative account balance due will be considered in arrears and subject to 1.5% monthly interest.

Balances outstanding over 120 days will incur $25 penalty each month that the entire cumulative balance is not paid.  1.5% monthly interest will continue to accrue for the entire cumulative balance.

Balances outstanding after 180 days may be turned over to a collection agency and/or result in lien/lawsuit.

Entrance Gate Changes

The Family Codes were retired on February 1, 2015.  There are several other ways to gain entrance to CCE:

Remote / clicker : New clickers were provided to each property owner when the entrance gate opener electronics were replaced with an advanced system.  New owners should have received a gate remote opener (clicker) from the seller when you bought your home. Additional clickers are available for $24 from the Chair of our Security Committee, Bob Jones. Each clicker is uniquely serialized and can be deactivated (when lost or stolen) without affecting any other clicker.

Guests : Guests should use the callbox to call the home they are visiting. When a resident is called by gate callbox they should identify the caller then press "6" on their home phone keypad within 15 seconds. The gate will open upon receipt of the "6" if it is received within 15 seconds of the start of the call. If you want to be added to the access list at the gate callbox please contact the Chair of our Security Committee, Bob Jones.

Cell Phones : Residents and their immediate family members may use the callbox to call their own cell phones. Enter your code at the gate callbox, answer your cell phone and then press "6" on the keypad within 15 seconds. The gate will open upon receipt of the "6" if it is received within 15 seconds of the start of the call. The operation is identical to the Guest feature in the previous paragraph except the code calls your cell instead of your landline.

Proximity Card : Vendors or commercial services that frequently require access to the community may contact Luis for a proximity card that will open the gate and record the time/date of their entrances. Prox cards are available for sale to commercial vendors and those personnel who provide lawn and pool maintenance / services to homeowners ($5 each).  The prox card is also ideal for bikers, joggers, children and pedestrians who are residents of CCE ($4 each).  The cost is refundable when the Prox card is returned in good working condition.  Each Prox card has a unique RFID code so it can be deactivated if it is ever lost or stolen.

Party Code : Anyone may request a Party Code which can be freely distributed to guests attending a party other event at your home.  By design the Party Code is perishable. It is only operable for a brief period, typically the duration of the event plus a small margin.  When the Party Code expires it will no longer open the gate and it will be retired from the system (not reused). Please contact Bob Jones a minimum of one week prior to the event.

Recurrent Water Main Leaks

CCE has experienced a series of water main leaks in the plumbing version of Whack-A-Mole. When water pressure is turned off to repair the leak the possibility of contamination entering the system must be considered. The usual precautionary notice for boiling drinking and cooking water applies.

The last leak (and most others in CCE) is located on the street side of the backflow preventers. The reason for these leaks is well known. The metal backflow preventers are connected to the neighborhood main which is plastic. The dissimilar materials form a joint which can be weakened by mechanical forces (flexing) caused by the weekly ritual of mowing the lawn. As we have progressed from the neighborhood kid walking behind a Briggs & Stratton to the grown men riding a Dixie Chopper the weight / forces / flex have only increased. To make matters worse the location is almost always in the swale which is often wet providing little support and causing the mower tires to dig in even deeper. The effects are cumulative and eventually cause joint failure from the repeated strain.

There is something you can do to protect this fragile area on each and every lot. You can plant a low ground cover that is easily trimmed in the area in front of and up to your backflow preventer. Since the area will no longer require mowing the heavy weight of machinery is kept off of the joints. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy Confederate Jasmine in a small part of your yard rather than spending your time boiling water?

Lake erosion

The central lake of  CCE continues to experience shoreline erosion as it has for years.  The Architectural Review Board encourages, accepts and approves plans to install seawalls and backfill soil to restore the original shoreline.  Restoring the original shoreline will likely add to the stability of your lot, pool and foundation.  The erosion will not stop unless a seawall or other shoreline saving device is installed.

Deed restrictions

A number of covenant, condition and restriction (CCR) violations have been noted in community lately.  We ask your cooperation in bringing your property into compliance with the deed restrictions.  The most common violations are: Boats, Trailers and Commercial vehicles - none of which are permitted in Cypress Creek Estates unless they are stored in a closed garage.  The next most common violation is hedges over 4 feet in height.

CCE Security note

Please note that everything inside the CCE gate is private property (including the roadways which are not public streets).  No solicitor has a right to trespass onto private property.  Please do not donate to any individual soliciting in CCE.  Charitable contributions made directly to an organization ensure your money is used properly.  Report any suspicious activity by calling 911.  The Manatee County Sheriff's non-emergency phone number is 747-3011.


modified: May 30, 2017

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