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Neighborhood Watch

If you observe crime in progress, home invasion, life threatening injuries or suspicious activities in our community, please follow the steps outlined below:

1. Call 911 immediately and provide the following:

  1. Identify yourself (name, address, phone number and say. "I am a Neighborhood Watch Member at Cypress Creek Estates"

  2. Report the type of crime (burglary, assault, suspicious persons or vehicles)

  3. Crime in progress (or when it occurred)

  4. Where (address, color of building or landmark if no specific address can be given)

  5. Suspect armed (gun, knife, etc.)

  6. Description of suspect (height, weight, age (approximate) race, clothing, hair, male or female and how many

  7. Description of vehicle (color, year, make, body, license plate number (first three digits will be helpful) and state, other identifying features such as dents, broken windows, number of passengers, etc.)

  8. Direction of travel

  9. Stay on the line until instructed to hang up

2. Have a member of your household notify the Emergency Notification Team (Security Committee) at once. The ENS team will evaluate the nature of the information and will make the appropriate decision to disseminate the information to members of our community. The telephone numbers of the ENS Team are listed in the CCE telephone directory section dedicated to "Useful Telephone Numbers"

Remember: DO NOT attempt to apprehend the suspect(s). That is the job of Law Enforcement Authorities -- Call 911 immediately.

The only way we can prevent crime in our community is by enforcing an aggressive neighborhood watch. Our participation is important; together, we can stop burglary, robbery or sexual assault in our community. Keep in mind, if you observe an unusual activity, call 911 immediately, and provide as much information as possible to the person receiving your call.

Block/Street Network: The next step in the Neighborhood Watch field is the creation of our community block network. This communication system consists in listing our immediate neighbors' names, addresses, phone numbers, and business numbers, and uses it when the need arises. An example of this follows: "In the event you observe a suspicious activity (day or night time), the first thing you must do is activate your communications net, then, CALL 911 and make the report. While you are providing the initial report to the local law enforcement authorities, your neighbor notifies the rest of your communications chain in order to keep an accurate account of the suspicious activity. When the police authorities arrive to the scene of the incident, your information could be critical for the apprehension of the criminal. The name of the person who made the initial report will not be disclosed to third parties." Remember, the safety of our family members and the protection of our personal property are the responsibilities of all members in our community. Let's work together and develop a safe community!

Phone calls: If you receive phone from unknown callers, do not reveal your name, phone number, address or other personal information. Do not tell a stranger that your neighbor is not at home. Never give information that you are alone or when you will be away. Instruct your children to do the same when answering the phone.

Going away from home: Do not advertise your planned vacation. Your block captain and neighbors conforming your block network should be aware that you would be away from home. It is important for them to know because if they observe a stranger entering your house, they may think that you are at home. In our previous News Letter, we have stressed that if anyone of us observe an unusual activity, we must call 911 immediately.

Important Telephone Numbers:  

Emergencies: 911
All other calls to the Sheriffs Office: 747-3011
Countywide Fire and E.M.S. 747-7776
Bradenton Police Department: 746-4111
Palmetto Police Department: 723-4585
Florida Highway Patrol: 751-7647



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