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The Board of Directors welcome
you to the Cypress Creek Estates web site. We hope you find the contents interesting and informative.  However, please be advised that this site is not affiliated with any person, agency or entity buying or selling real estate with Cypress Creek Estates.  Please contact a real estate professional for that purpose or consult real estate listings of property for sale.

Volunteers are always welcome to run for elective office, serve on committees or start new ones. Existing committees are: By-Laws, Beautification, Activities, Neighborhood Crime Watch, Maintenance and Newsletter. Each committee has  its own area to convey information and coordinate activities.  All offices and positions within the Cypress Creek Estates Property Owners' Association are filled by volunteers. This site is no exception and it is maintained without cost to the association.

The 2018-2019 Board of Directors are:  Rick Bennett, Bob Jones, Susie Majesky, Darrell Moore and Marion Pandiscio.

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) members are Dan Awalt, Dylan Bernius, Bob Jones and Belisa Oliveira.

The By-Laws Committee which has been charged with reviewing the existing By-Laws of the association and recommending changes suggested by owners.

The members of the Beautification Committee have upgraded the plantings at the main gate and the median of the entryway. Their work is ongoing as maintenance is required and the seasons change.

The members of the Maintenance Committee are your intrepid neighbors who have braved the elements to paint walls, repair storm damage, water main breaks, road erosion, potholes, sprinklers and balky entrance gates (to name but a few of their feats). The Maintenance Committee has been a primary reason why our association dues have remained fairly constant. Their sweat equity has saved us all a lot of money.

Please contact any board member if you would like to update your information in the neighborhood telephone directory.


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updated: September 09, 2018

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